8000+ Premium Virtual Backgrounds along with Commercial Rights!

Get the Most Realistic and Professional HD Video & Image Backgrounds for Online Meetings, Webinars, Calls, Videos & other projects...

One-Click Compatible with Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams & Google Meet (perfectly crafted by graphic designers team for perfect accuracy & zero distraction)

Features and Benefits:

2000+ Most Realistic Virtual HD Video Backgrounds (One-Click Compatible)

5000+ Virtual Super HD Backgrounds well categorised in 4 Variations and 60 Niches 

Compatible with Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams & Google Meet

1500+ Emotion-wise categorized HD Video Templates to make Spectacular Videos

Each content is professionally Designed by a Team of Graphic Designers

Impress your viewers in a Unique Way

Make your Virtual meetings way more professional

Close more Sales than ever by looking more professional

Can USE these Backgrounds with or without Green Screen

24/7 Online Membership (downloadable)

Unlimited Commercial Rights

Commercial Rights INCLUDED!

 Just A One-Time Payment!

Use '30OFF' to avail straight 30% Discount on Commercial License

Recommended by experts

Don’t take our word. Our offering has been reviewed & rated by the top Online Experts

"Message from the Top Marketer" - Todd Gross

Gaurav Madaan
Serial Entrepreneur & Marketer

"Video Backgrounds are just the right size and very vibrant. One of the best features is that you can use them for your videos and they cut off all the distractions so you can focus on what is really important. They are perfect for online meetings."

Roshni Dhal
The Internet Girl and LinkedIn Queen

"I have always had a hard time finding premium quality Videos for my background. I have a lot of online meetings, so the background needs to be high quality and I need a great selection of Video Backgrounds. With Wow Backgrounds 2.0, I've been able to cover up distractions and enhance my background for my online meetings. I can also use these HD videos for other projects, like for my blog or even my email marketing campaigns!"

Finding a Premium Virtual Background for Commercial Use is Expensive!

Online meetings and webinars are a great way to communicate with your clients/customers or staff from any place

but people who are in Online video meetings often feel distracted or unprofessional

because they can be sitting in a messy place (home/office), or are outside in an unprofessional environment....

You’re a busy person. You have a million things to do, a million different places to be and a million different people to talk to

Sometimes you manage but sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you need to do some virtual work but the background behind you is distracting

It gets tiring and it’s easy to become distracted with something in the background

If you use web meeting tools such as Zoom, or Skype etc., they allow us to add a virtual background but their templates are very pathetic or even worse. (repeated, boring, used by millions infact...)

but you want to choose a professional background that fits in with the theme of your Video call/Meetings

and you don’t always know what the background of your co-workers’ offices looks like

Even, if you do know the background, you don’t want to end up looking like you picked a similar one

Finding Unique Virtual Video Backgrounds or Image Backgrounds is not easy... it costs your precious time and money

If you somehow managed to find a Unique and Different one,
It'll Cost you $25-$50 per Vitual Background with commercial rights

It is Frustating...Right?

Nobody likes Distracted or unprofessional Backgrounds in Online Meetings & Webinars

Ample time is going to waste when you have to spend time editing/ finding/ decorating your Entire Setup. 

And if you wish to set up a...

But... if you wish to set up a

Green Screen Studio

Don't get me wrong here...

It can definitely help you to get more conversions
in your Business Meetings and Webinars.

But... It's a Complex Setup with High Hard Cost.

I know you might have heard...

It's Difficult To
Shoot Videos

It Takes A
Lot Of Time

It Will Cost
Too Much

Some say that you need some kind of $2000 setup and a degree in video editing.

This is Hard

Your all Efforts Online is going in vain because of the bad theme of your background.

And even Most online webcams produce bad resolution, cut off your important features, have janky backgrounds...

Your all Hard Earned Money goes in vain

But No more...

Introducing... WOW Backgrounds 2.0

8000+ Virtual HD-Video Backgrounds & HD-Image Backgrounds for Professional Online Meetings & Webinars, One-click compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Meet & Skype

2000+ Virtual Video Backgrounds

5000+ Virtual Image Backgrounds in 4 Variations

 1500+ Multi-Purpose Video Templates

Well Categorised in Multiple Niches to Save your Big Time!

Each Niche have Multiple Video Backgrounds/ Images (with Variation)/  Emotion Wise Categorised Video Templates that can fulfill your Video Needs.
One-Click Compatible with...

Watch Out the Previews Here:

2000+ HD Video Backgrounds

5000+ Virtual Super HD Backgrounds well categorised in 4 Variations and 60 Niches

Quick Glimpse:

Each Background is Available in 4 Filters too be unique, everytime you go live...

5000+ Virtual HD Image Backgrounds

Specially Designed for Online Marketers, Teachers and Coaches, and People (who do Online Meetings)

Well Categorised in 60+ Niches

Each Niche has 4 Variations (Original, Edited, Super-Edited & blurr) means you will get each Image in 4 Filters

Each Image Background is designed by professional Web Graphic Designer and in Super High Quality

Compatible with zoom, skype, teams, meet or any other onlinemeeting & webinar tool

1500+ Multi-Purpose HD Video Template Previews:

And Much More...

One Click Compatible...
Here is the Demo Video

See how easy is to use WOW Backgrounds 2.0 in any Online Meeting Tools

Compatible with:
WOW Backgrounds 2.0 is a Perfect Choice For Anyone Looking To Grow & Scale Their Business...

Online Marketers
Anyone into Online Meetings

Get more conversions in Online Meetings and Webinars easier and quicker than ever before

No More Online Meeting with…
Complex Setup, Unpleasant and Distracted Environment ever again with help of WOW Backgrounds

In fact, Look More Professional and Leave a Right Impression on your staff,clients,customers or attendees

And the Best part is…

You can Use any Video Background in just 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Login in your Account (for Online) or Download your WOW Backgrounds 2.0 Zip File (for offline)

Step 2

Search inside the WOW Backgrounds 2.0 Folder in your Laptop (for Offline) or Select Manually from Niche Specific or emotion wise (either Offline or Online)

Step 3

Select, Preview & Download your Desired HD Video Background or Template & Use it wherever you want

WOW Backgrounds 2.0 are the best solution when it comes to covering up distracting backgrounds in your videos and photos while attending online meetings or presentations.

Whether you're running live video conferencing, a webinar or teleconferencing with clients from around the world, WOW Backgrounds make it possible for you to have a more professional appearance on-camera.

We provide an easy-to-use platform of tools that completely replace your surroundings by displaying your own custom backdrop (videos or images) while you're online.
Commercial Rights INCLUDED!

 Just A One-Time Payment!

Use '30OFF' to avail straight 30% Discount on Commercial License

What this is Worth:

Normally buying a HD Stock Video
from a site like ShutterStock

will cost you $79 or $399 (per clip)

If you were to get...

2,000 + Virtual Video Backgrounds (in HD)
5000+ Virtual Image Backgrounds (in HD)
1500+ HD Video Templates (Emotion based & Multipurpose)

It will cost you more than $350,000

and on top of that...

you need to set up green screen studio to make those videos work in your Online Meetings

i.e. a Hard Cost & Complex Setup Is Required to setup

where as...

If you Invest in WOW Backgrounds 2.0, you can claim 8000+ HD Video Backgrounds & HD Image Backgrounds under 

One Time Price of $37

Use Coupon '30OFF' to avail 30% Discount on Commercial License...

Wait...We are not done yet!

High Valued Exclusive Bonuses:

Along with WOW Backgrounds 2.0, We are also giving you access to 10 Premium Bonuses:

Bonus #1

Graphics Wizard
(White Label Rights)

A huge pack of high quality graphics that suits multiple niches to increase engagement in your social media pages, landing pages, sales pages, web banners, offline posters and more!

SUPER QUALITY - Turn yourself into an experienced designer in minutes!

600+ GRAPHICS - Really valuable resource; Massive on quality and quantity!

SAVES A LOT OF TIME - Point and Click! It is so easy, edit the graphics in minutes using Photoshop!

Bonus #2

Local Whiteboard Video Producer

Local whiteboard commercials that you can edit yourself and sell to local businesses in the following niches:

Computer Repair
Hair Salon
Skin Care

Bonus #3

Ultimate Niche Blueprint

(Access + Giveaway Rights)

Bonus 4

Content Marketing Rookie

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Bonus #5

FB ADS Mini Course

Important Details about Facebook Ads

Bonus #6

1000+ Fonts

List of attractive Creative 1000+ fonts which you can use for your best contents on any social media platform and convert your visitors into customers.

Bonus #7

DFY Bundle for Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Remove the pain of making a design that converts by using these DFY exclusive templates for social media either for marketing or advertising.

Bonus #8

450+ Exclusive Character Graphics

Characters are the new trend for video makers. They put the life in the animated videos so we are giving this away as Exclusive Bonus only if you grab WOW Backgrounds.

100+ Man Characters
100+ Woman Characters
100+ Monster Characters
100+ Animal Characters

Bonus #9

11 Powerful Wordpress Plugins For Internet Marketers

((Worth $997+ White Label Rights))

Bonus #10

Graphics Tornado

Over 500+ Exclusively Done-for-You Stunning Marketing Graphics!

Now you don’t have to tirelessly spent hours or even days creating Eye-Popping Graphics for your website or projects. We have it covered for you.

Inside this One Box you’ll get:
Feature list box, Call to action buttons, Funnel Illustration, Pricing Option, Shelves (Woody and Silver), Browser Display, Hand Written Text, Steps Panels…….

And so much more...

Pricing Table:



2000+ Most Realistic Virtual HD Video Backgrounds for Business Meetings

5000+ Virtual Super HD Image Backgrounds

Multi-purpose HD Video Templates

Emotion-wise categorized HD Video Templates

Each content is professionally edited by Graphic Designers

Royalty-Free Content

No WaterMarks

Best Quality and Price Guarantee

Personal License

WOW Backgrounds 2.0 Lite
WOW Backgrounds personal



2000+ Most Realistic Virtual HD Video Backgrounds for Business Meetings

5000+ Virtual Super HD Image Backgrounds

Multi-purpose HD Video Templates

Emotion-wise categorized HD Video Templates

Each content is professionally edited by Graphic Designers

Royalty-Free Content

No WaterMarks

No Sound in Video Backgrounds for smooth experience

Best Quality and Price Guarantee

Commercial License

Use '30OFF' to avail straight 30% Discount on Commercial License
WOW Backgrounds 2.0 Plus
WOW Backgrounds Commercial
* on purchasing Commercial License, you'll get a Free Invite to our Community for all the Future Updates and Discussions! (accessable inside members area)

Trusted By Online Experts

Don’t take our word. Our offering has been reviewed & rated by the top Online Experts

Saurabh Bhatnagar
Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur

"As being an internet marketer I have the freedom to work from anywhere but I had a problem for me set up the good backgrounds for my webinar and zoom meetings and then I found WOW Backgrounds 2.0 which has some mind blowing good quality video and Image backgrounds for my webinars and video meetings. I really liked all the backgrounds."

Highly recommend this product.

Reshu Singhal
Founder of

"A must have online product...

With recent advancements in virtualisation, WOW Backgrounds 2.0 is the strongest online product as it has wide no. of variations and templates which is very easier to use."

Have Questions?

We Have Answers... Here are Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Is it difficult to set up?

Just a 3 Step process

Q - Do I need to download heavy files to my Computer/Hard drive?

No, you don't need to download any heavy files to your Hard drive/Computer. It is 100% cloud based membership access however you can also download them if you want to use it offline or want to search from them.

Q - Do I need to have any kind of Technical Skills to use "WOW Backgrounds 2.0"?

No, not at all. 

Q - Do I need to download any other software to use WOW Backgrounds 2.0?

No, you don't need to download any other software to use WOW Backgrounds 2.0. It's an independent membership platform.. 

Q - Can I preview any Background before I download with WOW Backgrounds 2.0?

Yes, off course, you can preview any video background or template before downloading your favorite one from the Library.

Q - Can I use it for me & my Team?

Yes, you can use these Video Backgrounds/Templates in your meetings/webinars & for staff/client/team meetings. You can even use it on social platforms like Youtube™, Facebook™, Instagram, etc. Just about feel free to use it for anything other than selling it.

Q - Are WOW Backgrounds 2.0 Assets compatible with all Online Meeting softwares?

Yes, WOW Backgrounds 2.0 are just like normal Videos (mp4). They work fine with any modern video software and meeting tools that support video backgrounds.

Q - What is the Delivery method of WOW Backgrounds 2.0?

As soon as you buy WOW Backgrounds 2.0, you will receive your individual login access. You just need to login and use your assets. That's all you need to do.

Q - Do I need to pay monthly/Yearly for the WOW Backgrounds membership?

No, you don't need to pay monthly/yearly for WOW Backgrounds 2.0 membership. This is a Solid Bingo Offer with one time payment only.

Q - Is there a money back guarantee?

If you're not 100% satisfied, we offer a full no questions asked money back guarantee. Just send us a Support Ticket once the launch Period is Over and we will take care of it for you.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

We know you're going to LOVE it!